Special Report: Degenerate Press Exposed!
Over 100 Stories Inside!

Organization Seeks Overthrow of Society!
Through web pages, email, and even the U.S. postal service Degenerate Press broadcasts propaganda deemed hazardous to mainstream culture! Their secret society revealed!

They broadcast Electric Degeneration, an e-mail zine of Blasphemy, reports from Atlanta's underground music scene, degenerate Prophesy, a few classifieds, odd quotes and other subversion and Degenerate Press issues it for free! They claim they only broadcast to those that subscribe but their work is often forwarded without permission. Your kids could be in danger! They broadcast every Sunday and Wednesday, protect yourself!

They even have bumper stickers so their members can brag about their "dangerous" ways!

They distribute these merely for a self addressed stamped envelope! They have been seen on vehicles of every type and seem to last for years!

They hide selected episodes about the local music scene, degenerate road trips, even hedonistic parties, all stashed in their secret vault!

They have infiltrated every level of society. They claim members in every career field, just take a look at this list we obtained by someone we rescued from their top-secret brainwashing program: Actuary, Architect, Artist (Paint, Print, Computer, Metal Sculpture), Broadcast Engineer, Bureaucrat, Business Manager, Cement Sales, Chemical Production Manager, Child Care, Computer Programmer, Dental Hygienist, English Instructor, Entertainment Accountant, Environmental Scientist, Game Designer (Paper and Computer), Graphic Designer (2D, 3D, animation), Gun Salesman, Human Resources, Industrial Dishwasher Technician, Information Architect, Marketing Communications Specialist, Masseuse, Musician (all sorts), Multimedia Computer Consultant, Nuclear Engineer, Photographer, Physical Education Teacher, Plumber, Proofreader, Psychiatrist, Special Education Teacher, Student (All Sorts!), Technical Recruiter, Water Treatment Technician, Voice Talent, Writer.

Beware! They could be working in your organization right now!

They are all ages. They are all over the U.S. and are spreading worldwide. They travel across the U.S. in absurdly huge vehicles, like the  Ford Thunderbird! They have been spotted in Spain, Holland, and Mexico. Rumor has it they have been seen infiltrating the ranks of the Vatican!!
worldwide degeneration

The don't even list an email address on their site, they hide anonymously behind a contact form  instead! Beware!

A Miracle Cure!
Experts testify on healing powers of local musicians.
Prophesies Revealed!
Archaeologist uncovers texts revealing events for the degenerate future of Atlanta, and all mankind!

Philosopher warns of the end of the cyberworld as we know it!
"Other apocalyptic warnings will be posted to this sociopoliteconomical site in the future!" says site administrator.
"The writing is on the wall!" said shocked citizens.

"With as little a web as this will I ensnare as great a fly as Cassio."
Shakespeare, from Othello