Poore Richard's Really Poore Almanack

"I never give them hell.  I just tell the truth, and they think it is hell."
Harry S. Truman

WHAT, PRAY TELL, IS THIS? ~ Being an introductory & explanatory note for those first visiting the almanack.

LAST OF THE INFAMOUS NEWSPAPER COLUMNS ~ yes, the last two years worth of “hometown newspaper” columns from Dahlonega, Georgia that led to Richard Van Ingram being banned from the only news and opinion organ in the county.

The HERETIC ~ new independent columns weekly from Richard Van Ingram on topics ranging from ethics to politics to culture. Local and national in scope. Caution: may contain reason & satire; people with no ability to show tolerance for others or accept criticism of their own beliefs and prejudices will find these columns irritating, if not infuriating. There are publications designed to confirm every belief you might have enshrined in your narrow soul and cause you no doubts. Intolerant folk may be happier in the company of such.

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS ~ new editorial cartoons added regularly. Warning: contains graphic depictions of the vicious & stupid behavior of authority figures. No hero worship here.

GENTLE POESY TO SOOTHE THE SOUL ~ Wherein you will find the online book of 1990s poetry, prose, and collage Misery Breeds Art; soon will include reproductions of the early 2000s poetry & collage zine Virtuous Idolatry; and coming in 2007, the online version of said zine, Virtual Idolatry, containing recent work. Warning: Not for children or adults with childish notions about the limits of art.

THE HERMIT’S LAMP ~ serious philosophical and theological essays & musings, updated infrequently.

DISPATCHES FROM THE WILDERNESS ~ occasional visits from my friend, Orestes Wilkinson, who sends stories & rants I find amusing. Caution: Orestes has a penchant for cursing and racy imagery. Not for children or prudish adults.

THE NEWS FROM LAKE AYLLBEDAMNED ~ an ongoing satirical story concerning the denizens of a small, northeast Georgia town that doesn’t resemble Dahlonega, Ga. in any way whatsoever. No, really. It doesn’t. Updated weekly.

A FIXATION UPON FICTION ~ stories long & short from all genres; look around, you may find something you enjoy. Includes pieces I serialize here. Updated frequently.

A MAN OF WEALTH & TASTE ~ reviews and reminiscences involving pop culture, high culture, middle brow culture; memories, fantasies, & nightmares of these, Our United States in the 21st century A.D. Updated irregularly.

THE ILLUSTRATOR ~ a catalogue of illustrations, published & unpublished, including old comix from the 1990s. Updated as needed. Warning: May be shocking to some.

THEY SOMETIMES CALL IT ART ~ A catalogue of “fine” art, updated as needed. Caution: Contains nudity.

POORE RICHARD’S REALLY POORE APHORISMS ~ Marcus Aurelius wrote ‘em, Ben Franklin wrote ‘em, Nietzsche wrote ‘em, Mark Twain wrote ‘em; hell, why shouldn’t I? Try it, maybe you’ll like it. Updated weekly.

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