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Writing and poetry
From the 1990's

by Richard Van Ingram

Richard Van Ingram is largely a figment of your imagination.

Richard Van Ingram's status as a "real" being is metaphysically questionable because:

a. you probably never met him
b. if you have met him, you don't know as much about him as you think
c. he's not certain he knows himself
d. most of his public guises are fictions, nothing more, nothing less.

Richard Van Ingram revels in fictions because:

a. fiction and truth are two sides of the same well-worn coin
b. fictions are more enjoyable than a bald recitation of facts
c. life demands order, which life, in and of itself, will not provide without someone to impose that order - life doesn't have a thesis except insofar as we create it
d. tricking the reading public is occasionally a work of mercy; anyone who reads things with utter credulity is doomed to a life being led around by the nose, and putting people on alert keeps them from simply accepting any fragment or passage (especially on the net) as the Truth straight from God's Own Mouth
e. everyone is not owed the absolute truth about oneself.

So, perhaps the following is real and perhaps it isn't. Does it matter?

1. Richard Van Ingram was born in the mid-60's in Dahlonega, GA.

2. Richard Van Ingram attended school through the 12th grade at Lumpkin County, and attended the local college on scholarship 2 years before transferring first to UGA in Athens and then to GSU in Atlanta.

3. Richard Van Ingram received a bachelor's degree in fine arts, printmaking, although he racked up enough credits to have a second major in philosophy and several minors.

4. Richard Van Ingram then took a master's in philosophy at GSU before transferring to UGA again to complete I year as a PhD candidate before he quit due to a combination of financial difficulties and disillusionment with "philosophy" as practiced at UGA. In short, he was not an analytical Anglo-American school thinker.

5. Over the years, Richard Van Ingram has had a variety of work published, including illustrations, writing and editing for gaming companies.
He made a dilettante's career of writing letters to the editor for several years before becoming an "occasional" columnist for his local paper, a position, at present, he retains and has not yet been
dismissed from.

6. Richard Van Ingram has privately published his poetry for several years in the form of pamphlets and broadsides and had them distributed to the coffee shop scene in Atlanta where they fell like seed among the rocks and thorns. He is certain he has an audience, somewhere, though he believes none of them may be born yet and they may have to be from foreign countries. Or this could be the salve of vanity - take your pick.

7. Richard Van Ingram has plans for the future but it remains to be seen whether or not the future has plans for him.

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