Brownwood, Texas

Daniel Baker College
Douglas MacArthur Academy of Freedom - Howard Payne University

Corner of Austin Avenue and Coggin Avenue

Daniel Baker College, Brownwood, Texas
Daniel Baker College, Brownwood, Texas
Douglas MacArthur Acadamy of Freedom, Brownwood, Texas
Douglas MacArthur Acadamy of Freedom, Brownwood, Texas
March 2004

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"The grand stone building, built by the Presbyterian Church and established as Daniel Baker College in 1890, opened its doors just months before Howard Payne University. It was owned by the Presbyterians until after WWII. In 1946, because of the financial strain of the Depression and the war, the college was turned over to the Methodist Church and became part of the Southwestern University system. Later, in 1949, the Methodists turned the college over to the Episcopal diocese of Dallas. Finally, in 1953, Daniel Baker College found a permanent home within the charge of the Baptist Church when it became part of the campus of its former local rival, Howard Payne University.
Today, the old stone building houses not only the offices of the Douglas MacArthur Academy of Freedom, but also holds an array of large rooms and various displays. The theme that threads throughout all the Academy is the epic of man's eternal crusade toward freedom."

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