Brownwood, Texas

The Browntowner Hotel
Sid Richardson Dormitory

Hotel Brownwood, Brownwood, Texas Hotel Brownwood, Brownwood, Texas
March 2004

This twelve-story building is the tallest in Brownwood, originally constructed in 1930 as a hotel. It was mostly known as "The Browntowner." On the postcard it's called "Southern Hotel, in Brownwood, TX." The hotel was very successful during World War II with contractors for Camp Bowie and the families of Camp Bowie soldiers staying at the hotel.  All the service clubs were now meeting at the hotel and many a dinner and event was held in the ballroom on the top floor.  The swimming pool, now filled with dirt, was built in 1964, and the hotel became known as the Browntowner Hotel.  The hotel declined over the years and on February 19, 1969, Howard Payne announced that as of March 10, the building would become the Sid Richardson dormitory for men.  The hotel is now closed and the owner of the building has been looking for a buyer for several years."

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