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I am searching for freelance writing and/or editor opportunities abroad to expand my experiences and abilities. I have published articles in newspapers and magazines on topics from travel to music to art, as well as editing books for review and countless web efforts.

how I got here

In 1993 I began publishing Degeneration Excerpt, a newsletter from my micro-press company Degenerate Press. The Excerpt is a bimonthly newsletter with articles on topics from travel to politics to dating services to explosives, as well as photographs, short stories (both fiction and non-fiction), and original artwork. I also edit other writers' submissions for this publication. I produce Degeneration Excerpt using Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Word.

As the popularity of the web grew, I moved most of the publishing efforts online. In 1994 I started Electric Degeneration, a semi-weekly ezine featuring articles on local music, travel, politics and other eclectic topics. In addition to my own articles, I edit subscriber’s submissions. Despite a lack of advertising, readership has grown to a few hundred subscribers on word-of-mouth alone. My web site receives around 30,000 visitors per month.

I have supported my writing efforts through a career in the web development business as an Information Architect. If you are interested in that aspect of my work check out my résumé at

who I've done it for

Degenerate Press
1993 – Present
Semi-weekly ezine creator and editor, web zine creator and editor, bi-monthly newsletter creator and editor.

Creative Loafing
Atlanta, Georgia
September 1998 – Present
Weekly articles and photographs on travel, entertainment, Atlanta’s music scene, including show previews, and performance and CD reviews.
Creative Loafing is a weekly paper in Atlanta with a circulation of 141,000.
Recent Examples:

White Wolf
Atlanta, Georgia
May – August, 2002
Edited Hengeyokai, a 90,000 word book for the White Wolf gaming system.
Edited Manifesto, a 50,000 word book for the White Wolf gaming system.

Prick, The Tattoo and Piercing Lifestyle Publication
Atlanta, Georgia
January 2001 – September 2001
Monthly feature articles and photographs on Atlanta’s alternative destinations.

Atlanta Press
Atlanta, Georgia
June 1999 - May 2000
Weekly features on topics ranging from music to travel.

INsite Magazine
Atlanta, Georgia
July 1998 – December 1998
Monthly features on Atlanta's music scene.

I have also been published in other local magazines, such as Southeast Performer, The Scene, and Atlanta Sideshow. I have published short stories in Closer and other publications..

what I learned
Georgia State University
Atlanta, Georgia
Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Services, March 1991
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture, August 1998


Information Architect
1191 Warfield Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
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