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As of October 2001 I rarely update this site, as I no longer own the Newport.
However, there is a TON of useful info about Newports, C-Bodies, Chryslers, and Mopar.

  1. Genesis - how I got the car.
  2. Exodus - what I had to do to get it road worthy.
  3. Chronicles - a how-to guide to do repairs and replacements I've done.
  4. Numbers - Newport triva, production data and Newport-specific links
  5. Revelation - what's in store for the future of my Newport.
  6. Acts - links to other MoPar sites, local and otherwise.

How I Got It

I saw an ad for a 1971 Chrysler Newport in "fair condition" for $350 in the fall of 1999. I cruised down to Union City, just south of Atlanta, GA, to find the car. When I saw it in the guy's yard I was less than impressed. It had been parked for a couple of years and the grime on the exterior made it look terrible. But I was poor, needed a car and it looked like it might be fun once it was cleaned up. I called the guy and went to talk to him about it the next day. He'd already scratched out the $350 written in soap on the windshied and dropped it to $200 (I probably could have talked him even lower.) He'd gotten it to start, fitfully, and idle, poorly. He swore it would run so I bought a battery and together we got it to move.
It moved, barely, but wouldn't shift out of first. After adding transmission fluid it would shift cleanly but still couldn't get over 30 mph and couldn't climb even the wimpiest hill. The power steering was out (it is NOT easy to steer without it - my arms were sore by the time we got it home) and we had to put a piece of cardboard over the carburetor to keep it from stallilng. But I and a friend limped it 35 miles to a mechanic (Nathan at Reincarnation at 1966 Dekalb Ave. Street specializes in old Detroit steel, highly recommended - 404/371-0066. Tell him Frederick sent you, maybe he'll cut me a deal next time I need him!)

"You DROVE it this way?" he asked when I talked to him on the phone the following Monday.

"Yeah, all the way from Union City. I just want to know if it's worth salvaging. I only paid $200 for it so it's not like I'm taking a huge risk here."

"Well, for starters it needs new plugs. I can't believe you didn't blow the engine - there's only three cylinders firing. "


He replaced the plugs and some plug wires and got the engine to fire all 8 cylinders. I stopped by the shop and heard the roar of the first V8, and first MoPar, I own. The beast was hiddeously loud since the entire exhaust system was rusted out but it was worth putting a little money into it.

"You could probably get $2000 for it once we get it running." Nathan said.

It had no documentation whatsoever and the owner couldn't even tell me much about it's history except that it had been given to him as a gift in the condition I found it. Since then...

Been There, Done This

After that it was mostly road worthy. We nicknamed it "The SS Degenerate Press", as in very large boat, AKA "Jesus the Chrysler."

It had a little engine noise, hated the cold (just like me) and still needed a lot of work, but it got me to work more days than not.

Currently it's crap brown (originally called "Tahitian Walnut") and the vinyl top as been removed. It probably looked a lot like this 69 Newport when it was new:

1969 Chrysler Newport

I finally have photos of what the car looked like as of January 2000:

Do It Yourself

As I work on the car I'll be doing a how-to guide to anything I do. E-mail me if you have any ideas or hints. Keep in mind I am NOT a mechanic.

Since it's ressurection:

Once the weather finally warmed up I got out and inspected the rust spots. They're bad, and getting worse. I got the grinder out and worked over the worst ones with a wire brush wheel. The plastic putty covering the seams on the rear top supports was flaking off so I ground it off entirely. I covered the resulting bald spot with Rustoleum's Rust Reformer, a product I've used in my metal sculpting. It bonds with rust and forms a plastic-like coating that you can sand and paint. It's an ugly job but at least it won't rust any more! But the one under the rear fender is rusted all the way through. The trunk has some bad spots too and will need to be replaced. Anyone know a good body shop around Georgia?

Before she blew up she needed:

I've noticed a tiny leak in the radiator, a pinhole that could probably be repaired. And the front seal leaks a little oil but not at a rate worth touching.

You might be asking "Why bother?" Well, for starters it was cheap. I figured I could get $3000 for it after it's all fixed up. (Of course I've spent over that much on it already and there's still a lot to be done.)
But after I got used to the titanic size of the boat I started to love it. It seats 6 with nobody even touching. After a night of hitting strip clubs for a friend's bachelor party my brother described the size of the back seat, and the whole car, perfectly:
"Man, I could have a lap dance back here!"

This 1970 Chrysler ad tells you more about why I love the beast.

And everyone else won't shut up about their A, B or E body muscle. As much as I'd love a nice 'Cuda or Challenger I can't afford it, and you won't see a lot of restored Newports out there. So until someone donates that perfect muscle car I'll stick with my C body. In fact, my current dream car is a 1970 Newport, New Yorker, 300 or Imperial convertible with a 440 (the highest horsepower of the C-bodies.)

Chrysler Newport and C-body Trivia and Links

Apparently there aren't a lot of Newports still on the road, despite the absurdly high production numbers. Since many came with 383's or 440's a lot of them had their engines pulled and the remains sent to the crusher. The '70 is the last year it was made as a convertible and those are somewhat collectible (only 1,124 made in 1970.) As if it's not monstorous enough it also came as a Town and Country station wagon (if you're interested in big, big wagons check out Chariots of the Gods at
The Newport also came in a Royal model in 1971. The Royal came with a 360, and the trim and interior are slightly different. Personally, I don't see how a 360 has enough power to move the thing but I've been told otherwise. There's also a Newport Custom out there too with different trim options.

Random info about my Newport:

I got the1961-1971 383 big block specs from the folks at

If you're into details Alldata has recall info for many years of the Newport at

If you're seriously into details and numbers check out Jim's Mopar Page with cylinder head flow data charts and formulas and such:

I got these production numbers from Barracuda Motor Sports at
NEWPORT wheel base 124.0 Weight Price Prod
CE23 Royal hardtop coupe 4,121 $4,153 8,500
CE23 Hardtop coupe 4,121 $4,265 13,549
CE41 Royal sedan 4door 4,171 $4,078 19,662
CE41 (mine) Sedan 4door 4,171 $4,190 24,834
CE43 Royal hardtop sedan 4,191 $4,216 5,188
CE43 Hardtop sedan 4,191 $4,265 10,800
NEWPORT CUSTOM wheel base 124.0 Weight Price Prod
CL23 Hardtop coupe 4,126 $4,391 5,527
CL41 Sedan 4door 4,335 $4,910 9,850
CL43 Hardtop sedan 4,355 $5,041 20,633

We have a few ads online from random sources:

There's a history of the Newport up at

Random MoPar engine history can be found at, such as:
Over 3 million 383 engines were produced through 1971, the last year of the 383.

C-body history and trivia can be found at AllPar:

The C-body registry has over 100 boats listed, many with web pages and detailed info:

C-body mailing list:

There's also a C-body message board at

Suspension info on C bodies, and other Mopars, is at

Fueselage page in progress:

Sales codes for 1969 - 71 Chryslers are at

Car parts, Newport trivia, links or other web content, and monetary donations are all gladly accepted. Just contact us.

MoPar in Georgia

Check out the North Georgia MoPar Club:

Mopar Restos, a salvage yard in Summerville, GA, has lots of MoPar. Frank is a one man operation and a super nice guy, but he ain't cheap! His site doesn't exist any more, you have to call him at (706) 857-2832.

If you need a good mechanic and retoration guy call Nathan at ReinCARnation, 404/371-0066. He only works on pre-1970ish cars and is a super guy. I've been satisfied with his work and prices on the several occasions I've used him. He even has some sweet cars for sale most of the time. Nathan used to work for Auto Repairs by Patrick, 404/875-2823, another old car junkie who works cheap.

Atlanta Auto Net, "everything automotive in Atlanta", has a few links:

A list of junyards around Georgia specializing in older cars is at

Southern States Vehicle Auction happens every Friday night starting at 6:30 in Newnan, just south of Atlanta. It's mostly newer model cars, all makes and models, mostly good condition. Call 770/251-9881 for info.


AAJ Brake Conversion - "Disc Brake Conversion Kits Chrysler Products1955 - 1962 Chrysler, DeSoto Dodge, Plymouth" - has an extensive page of mopar part resources:

"Imperial Motors has almost thirty acres of Classic Chrysler parts for you to choose from" and they're in Campobello, SC: I've never visited or ordered, and I've been warned by someone else the place ain't all it advertises itself to be.

If you're looking for more Imperial stuff check out the page on our '63 Chrysler Imperial Crown 2 door!

Hidden Valley Auto Parts in Arizona has a LOT of cars:

Barracuda Motor Sports has a TON of MoPar info, links, classifieds, data, etc. etc. One of the best MoPar sites I've found:

A massive mopar link list is at

I stole the 1966 to 1974 Chrysler Corporation V.I.N. decoder from because their site used to be a bit unstable. A more expansive one can be downloaded from and run on your PC desktop.

Jim's Auto Parts has mopar resto stuff:

Just Dashes does dashboard restoration or replacement for many makes and models:

Lloyd's has shop manuals, owner's manuals, sales literature and such for all sorts of cars:

Manuals on CD, just about any flavor:

Motor and transmission mounts for various mopars:

Oldmoparts has lots of new and NOS or parts and literature, mostly pre-1963 stuff:

Mopar Fever in Toronto has more decoder data:

1962 to 1965 specific MoPars:

440 Magnum is all about MoPar and has free classifieds:

Air conditioning parts for your car as far back as 1960 -

Apple, Tin & Gold, Ltd sells parts and whole cars:^mopar1.htm

Collector Car & Truck Guide, a handy way to figure out the value of your Mopar or brand X car:

The rich cousin of the Newport, the Chrysler 300 -

Dallas Mopar has an extensive muscle-focus site:

Dave's Mopar, formerly Mopar Club of San Diego, has tons of option decoder data, including the 1971 paint chip book scanned in:

Fuselage is a site out of Denmark "dedicated to Chrysler, Imperial, Dodge and Plymouth full size cars built from 1969 until 1973."

Gary Goers has '55 and later reproduction stuff, chrome and rubber and such - highly recommended from the Online Imperial Club - as well as a short link list

Harry has lots of restoration links, all 'bout Muscle Cars:

Hoffmeister's Imperial Heaven - a massive yard for Imperials only. Super nice, but you pay for the specialization:

Imperial Cam - random MoPars parked in front of a web cam:

Legendary Auto Interiors makes Chrysler and brand X interiors, though reviews of their services have been extremely mixed:

Mopar Alley is pretty extensive:

Mopar Fuselage - all about the C body years, featuring the webmaster's beautiful 71 Imperial. A few pictures when we last checked, but most of the site was under construction:

MOPAREDIA has an encyclopedia of engine related stuff, very handy!

There's a dictionary of automotive terms at has a nice online swap meet, and other stuff:

1A Auto has carpet and floor mats for Newports at, and other cars,

Original Auto Interiors has some NOS seat covers, upholstery, trunk liners and such. They ain't cheap and I don't know yet if they have '71 Newport stuff in stock (I'm working on that one.)

Quinte Mopars has classified ads with MoPar cars for sale:

Rushville Motor Sports has a small mopar section at

The folks over at Steel Rubber products have a very useful model description database you can use when looking for parts:

So far the best salvage yard I've seen online is (I have yet to order anything from them, since they don't have any C-body stuff at all!)

Another Texas yard: - they had parts for my Imperial cheaper than I found anywhere else.

Ultimage Mopar Boards - message boards and classifieds and such:

Turn signal switches for all makes, most models, and lots of years:

Vintage Auto has lots of NOS mopar and brand X parts, mostly trim, grill, and wheel covers at this location: but a variety of other parts at this location:

Weather stripping for your 37 - 62 mopar:

Wildat Wrecking up in Oregon has a heck of a lot of Mopar:

Do not email us asking us general Newport or Mopar questions like how to find parts or how to fix something!
1. If it's not listed on this site I don't know where it is.
2. We're not mechanics and know very little about how to fix anything. If I didn't say how I did it on this site, I probably didn't do it myself but paid someone else to.
3. I don't have this car any more, and haven't owned it in years, so I don't keep up with Mopar or Newport stuff any more. Sorry, I'm a Ford Thunderbird owner now.

But if you want to contact us and talk about our car, or your car, please do!
"These people could put us out of business!"
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