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Rear bumper replacementon my 1971 Chrysler Newport CE

Pictures of this operation are coming soon!

When you first look under the car you'll see a series of bolts going up into the bumper from the valence (that painted metal piece hanging below the bumper.) It is not necessary to remove those bolts if you don't need to separate the valence from the bumper! I spent a good half hour taking off about 10 of those bolts only to find the bumper hadn't budged.

It is easiest to start with the bolts under the car. There are 4 big bolts that attach the bumber braket to the frame of the car. They're not easy to get to and they're usually rusty but I managed to get them off with a ratchet, no power tools and no de-sticking oil.

Once you've removed those bolts you have to get into the trunk compartment. Unplug the tail light assemblies - they'll come out with the bumper. In each of the back corners of the trunk is a pair of bolts tucked down into really tough to reach places. I didn't have a ratchet extension long and thin enough to get to the nuts and had to use a crecent wrench. Once you remove those nuts the bumper pulls strait back off the car. Be careful not to drop it on your toe - the sucker probably weighs 70 lbs.

I haven't put the bumper I removed onto my car yet. Pictures coming when I do!

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