Ancient Rome, The Italian Renaissance, And Postmodern Love

by Frederick Noble

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"Stay away from them, they ain’t nothin’ but trouble!"
Baloo, from Disney’s Jungle Book

When I was a little kid and saw the Jungle Book the first time I didn’t understand that line. I hadn’t had much contact with “the fairer sex” at all, growing up on a farm many miles from civilization proper. When Mowgli catches sight of a girl for the first time Baloo tries, in vain, to warn him.
But now I know exactly what he meant.
I also know why the warnings went unheeded.
I know that magnetic, gravitational feeling you get when drawn to your first kiss with someone new. It’s the same feeling you get in those recurring dreams of falling.
Jungle Book is also my earliest musical memory and since that day there has always been a song in the back of my head. Sometimes it’s relevant to the situation in the front of my head, sometimes it’s not. In this text I’ve provided samples of those that are relevant in the hope that you’ll have the same tune in your head, a little soundtrack for our feature presentation. If you know the song, hum along while you read. It’ll help provide you with something closer to the multi-sensory experience that living this adventure was.

Dico Mano

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