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"degenerate - 1. having sunk below a formal or normal condition, etc.; deteriorated 2. depraved"
Webster's New World Dictionary

We got a lot (comparitively) of response from our "honesty" blasphemy of the last episode. Not suprisingly, it was all AGAINST honesty being the best policy! Bunch of damned degenerates.... You want to sink below the norm? Tell a bold-faced truth now and then.

by guest columnist degenerate SC:
To all the DgenXer's that showed up- Thank you very much, I bow my head in your direction. To all the DgenXer's that did not attend- I am bummed, but I understand and accept your constitutional right to boycott any household that does have a stereo, cable TV, a microwave, and a door on the bathroom. As a stockholder in Rex stores, and Pier 1, I respect what you are trying to do. Don't get caught up in that "New Era of Frugality" stuff. It's just a passing trend, and not some kind of wrenching change in the American psyche*. There is still beer and cheetos left if you want to drop by and see the new apartment.
*footnote- I stole that line out of a magazine.
Best Male Costume goes to Wayne Blanchard - "Man Attacking Birds". Best Female Costume goes to someone who wishes to remain unnamed - "I can't make it tonight, but I thought I'd call to tell you what I was GOING to wear..."

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