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"Living is my job and my art."

We at The Degenerate Press attended the Clermont Lounge Halloween night with Kelly Hogan and Smoke. Here's a report from one of our field agents:
It was those cheap tungsten hanging lamps that lit the girls and ghouls at the Clairmont. I arrived in time to catch Kelly Hogan's show. She wore a kind of black suit thing as she did her bit, but the most impressive thing she wore was her love of music which was very apparent apparel and she is a very talented and beautiful lady. Just as Kelly was winding her bit up, Frederick and Heather take off to catch the sounds of Carnal Knowledge. The Clairmont was standing room only and soon became stand on room only as Smoke set up. The drummer was reminiscent of a Ragedy Andy automaton in oriental pajamas and he carried this body language into his very high level but casually delivered drum work. Hanging proudly by duct tape from a fellow's Gibson guitar was on of those Jesus portraits like you can buy for $1.50 at a flee market. It seemed to symbolically amplify an aspect of the tunes that the P.A systems were conveying musically, acting as a sort of channel for some (not necessarily Christ related ) spiritual message that the music shares with us poor and lowly slackers. All and all their music to me was a kind of door to those present but yet undefined emotions that you don't really know how to name. Had a great time and enjoyed the shows.
Thanks for the report, Dale!
We had other reports from other shows in town from other Degenerates but no show could top the Clermont by all accounts. November is a bit busy here at the Press but December holds promise as quite a party month. Any ideas for December should be posted to us! Keep us informed...

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