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"Now for drinks, now for some dancing with a good beat."

The first Halloween Hilarity at The Degenerate Press was quite a thrill, as most of you will be aware. Lots of cool costumes, lots of beautiful booty shaking, an occasional mosh pit, and no one threatened with physical violence by the local police authorities! The festivities began a bit early, the first guests arriving around seven, and didn't last terribly long, probably due to the intesity of the 11:30 - 12:30 hour. Brian Crean took over the CD player and worked the living room capacity crowd into a frenzy of booty shaking mania! The most entertaining scene: Mike Hilko, dressed as a pirate, comes backing across the dance floor with Harley Goode, an undead biker, plastered against him. They're dancing cheek to cheek and I couldn't figure out why until they did a little turn and I spotted the large rubber breasts Harley had donned (brought as part of Ashley Arledge's costume.) As they complete the turn to continue their dance, I read the back of Harley's T-shirt: "It ain't easy bein' sleazy." Hysterical, in a Degenerate way. Best Female Costume goes to Rhonda Cornelius for her "woman being attacked by birds." Very cool. Channing McLeod gets best Male costume with his "DOT Worker." However, he wasn't quite in character as he showed up on time and stayed for the whole party! He also gets the "biggest and most dangerous costume accessory" for his big... shovel. Some left early or arrived late and missed the truly astounding hour of the party, but overall a total success. The cat finally showed up the next day, having been missing some 12 hours or so.

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