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"The most irresponsible fun I've had in... ever!"
Brian Crean, regarding The Degenerate's 1994/5 New Year's Festival

We warned a few people last year not to miss the New Year's Festival. The blasphemers, sinners, and unbelievers who missed it ended up regretting it (we told them so.) For example, Mac Callaham went on a ski trip and ended up as the victim in the first reported crime in the county in 1995 when a teenager walked up to him and punched him in the face for no apparent reason. Eric Dane decided to go camping and lost his dog. These are just two of the many examples of terrible things that happened to people who missed our party, and those aren't the worst! The worst part of it was that they MISSED OUR PARTY! What's a bloody nose compared to missing the most impressive display of amateur explosives in the land??

As we at The Degenerate Press must get to the Littleton Art Community and Party Emporium to begin preparations for said event, this will be your last Electric Degeneration for the year! Sorry, no "best of", no looking back, no teary eyes, no more days of old anxiety, or something like that. See you at the party.

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