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This week's plug: The Titanics and The Mighty Afros. Tuesday night at Dottie's for the weekly Degenerate Appreciation night was louder than the norm. Not from drunken degenerates but from the Titanic's first gig. Damned good rockabilly sound for a first time out! Once they get their mixing down, which is always a problem at Dottie's, they should kick buttocks. Much later The Mighty Afros set up more AV equipment than Comdex and put on a multimedia extravaganza that ended WAY too soon. Nobody believed it was over and everyone hung around waiting for the second set that never materialized before yours truly left, hearing the band discussing loading equipment on the way out. The music itself was good but the video, film, sampling, and other visual aids made for a really interesting show. And they attracted a horde of folks, many of them attractive young females, a rare sight at Dottie's!

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