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The Impossibles opened a show at Dottie's last Thursday. They were impossibly loud and impossible to understand and my ears are possibly damaged and I don't feel like it was worth the pain. Catfight! followed, far more worthy of the ear and eye. They giggled their way into a marvelous cover of Motley Crue's "She's Got the Looks That Kill" and the usual delightful set of their own tunes.
Friday found the degenerates at the Star Bar for Donkey. They've lost their horn section and the editor was disappointed but their rock with western undercurrent can still pull you under. The Blacktop Rockets followed and burned up the joint, as always.
Saturday was reserved for homework but by 11 PM I'd had enough and went to Dottie's for a beer and caught all of Sonia Tetlow's acoustic set, soulful and talented but not booty-movin'. Boobytrap followed with some archetypal late-70's early-80's rock, would have made an excellent band for my high school prom but by 1996 my tastes have changed.

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