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Thursday there was a good show at the Point benefitting 88.5, the Degenerate Press staff's favorite radio station. "Special secret guest" turned out to be the Subsonics, a Velvet Underground on speed. Cool songs! The place filled up for Speedball Baby, a New York band with a lead singer who looks and sings like he's had one-too-many speedballs himself. There were a few unruly fans who attempted to mosh and rolled onto stage often. The lead singer grew tired of this and kicked one off stage, only to have him reappear and moon the crowd. Another swift kick and he was back in the audience. The music was like a car wreck, loud, lots of banging and crashing, with some weird strange grace underlying it all and sickly fascinating. Afterward the two unruly fans lept on stage and started cursing through the mike. The sound guy asked them politely to get off the mike but they weren't interested and continued their tirade. The bouncers were not so friendly, to the crowd's amusement. Toenut followed, a local act that would have been interesting had they been mixed properly. The first really poor example of sound I've ever heard at the Point.
Friday night found the DP in Athens for the Mud Tap Flammy show. The Atomic was aptly named for the show starring the Queen of Sleaze and fellow Degenerate Ginger. Their first club gig was a resounding success, as predicted. The Woggles followed but Ginger led a bunch of degenerates to another event at one of the local strip clubs. A somewhat famous stripper and contortionist endorsed by Alice Cooper "and looks kind of like him too", according to Ginger, does an act where she sits in a giant champagne glass and draws into herself a large quantity of water and then sprays it 25 feet across the room. The pictures on the door were incredibly degenerate and there was no way I could resist, despite the Woggles ripping things up at Atomic. We'd missed the 11:00 show and arrived a bit early for the 1 AM show so we oggled a few of Ginger's friends before the headline act took the stage. Ginger's description was a bit harsh, but truthful. Her ankle-length platinum hair was impressive but the way she could throw her legs over her head was even more amazing. She shook her stuff for a while before bringing out a bag of tricks. She lay on her shoulders and threw her legs back over her head and performed a bizarre and truly sick puppet show over her crotch. I'll never be able to see Kermit or Fozzie in the same innocent light again.
A street-vendor hotdog later and it's roadtrip time for the DP staff, the usual 2 AM race to Dahlonega with the usual run-in with the Man. No evasion or warnings this time, a ticket as a souveneer for the trip mere miles from home after an hour and a half of hauling ass. If it weren't for the subsequent insurance hike I wouldn't mind the occasional ticket. It's kind of like a tax for those of us that want to get where they're going in a reasonable time.
The rest of the weekend was reserved for recovery, sculpting and degenerate mail and web updates. For degenerates who want to share in future excusions, heed the Prophets!!

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