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"Rarely, rarely, comest thou,
Spirit of Delight!"
Percy Shelley

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Friday found a couple of Degenerates at the Star Bar for Seven Foot Politic, VERY cool rockabilly with a newly acquired trumpet player to add some spice to the sound. Yum yum fuckin' YUM. The only band thus far that can ALMOST steal the show from the Blacktop Rockets, the next act, who did hours and hours of buttkickin'.
As if that weren't enough, and it was, Saturday some Degenerates headed over to Northside Tavern where Satan himself took posession of a kid by the name of Sean Costello. I picture Sean and Lucifer's conversation having been something like this:
"OK, Satan, you can have my soul if you'll make me play guitar like Buddy Guy, look like James Dean, sing like Sam Cook, and become rich and famous."
"Well, Sean you can't have it all. Pick three."
"If I could do all the rest I could BECOME rich and famous..."
Little did Sean know that instead the Master of Lies would insure that talentless scum like Green Day would be rich just to torment those of us who've seen Sean in action. I can't say enough about him. As one degenerate put it, "This should be illegal." He's just released a CD, didn't have a chance to pick it up but the tunes he played off it ROCK, no, no, they ROLL! No, rock...

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