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When asked what Mahatma Gandhi thought of Western civilation, he replied "I think that would be a very good idea."

Thursday night many degenerates were out and about for various shows but the Degenerate Press staff was in a quiter mood and headed out for Two Days in the Valley for $2. Worth about that much, maybe less. Tarantino-esque without the guts or reference jokes, not much fun at all. But there is an INCREDIBLE blonde woman amongst all the big stars, knockout. Friday the movie madness continued with the latest Star Trek effort, probably the best since Wraith of Kahn. Excellent Trek film, not a bad sci-fi and fewer plot holes than usual. Then the DP headed to Dottie's for the first night of the Levitation Festival. Newborn rockabilliers The Titanics kicked things off with a clang. Superior! The joint got crowded with trendy deGeneration Xer's, including lots of swingin' chicks and hep cats from many local bands there to see the Rock-a-Teens. The ain't teens but they DO rock! The crowd demanded an encore and got their screams' worth. The Subsonics wrapped the evening up and the DP was spotted shakin' booty with Mariah, a degenerate local butch girl. 2 AM Taco Hell is always a mistake, just go to sleep!!
Saturday - words are not enough. The Levitation fest continued with Dead Blue Cat and the Illbilly Boys from Virginia. The crowd was justifyably timid as these guys cranked out scary rockabilly that brought to mind images of Elvis cruising through Hell consuming amphetamines like Fritos and splattering demons on the windshield. But wait, there's more! The Vendettas came on and the crowd creeped a bit closer. The concrete floor and exposed rafters of Dottie's were the perfect setting for the garage-a-billy sound. A good long set wasn't enough for the crowd. They demanded an encore. One of the Illbillys turned to the DP staff and says "Wow!" Yeah, you ain't seen nothin' yet.
The Loafing recently previewed the Woggles and The Hate Bombs saying they regularly battle for the top spot in garage rock. That's like arguing which superpower could destroy the earth more times during the cold war. It doesn't matter, you're still left with a smouldering wastleand in the aftermath. The Hate Bombs came on first and the crowd surged to the stage in mass epilepsy, DP staff included. "Finally something good comes out of Florida!" someone yelled at the boys from Tampa. "Good" doesn't do them justice. They fell off stage covered in sweat but the crowd pitched them back up for another round. They virtually melted off stage by the time they finished and the crowd was flayed alive, qivering and dripping but still standing.
"Damn, now that I've seen the best, who cares about the rest?" the DP staff says. How about MORE best? The Woggles come on and keep the crowd shakin' like a '69 Mustang with all the tires out of balance, top speed. The only guys around that could take the stage at 2 AM and whip an already whipped crowd into a frenzy. By 3:30 there were few that could take any more, but they yelled for more anyway. They coudn't get a second encore out of the poor boys.
Despite many other tempting offers, the DP stuck to the Levitation fest and it payed off in spades. Perhaps the best show seen by the DP, EVER. If only it didn't have to end...

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