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The Degenerate Press was out and about for the pagan holiday of Samhain. The editor ended up at The Cotton Club for the Quadrojets and Man or Astroman? show. The Quadrojets are rock & roll, fuck yes, period.
Man or Astroman had more AV equipment than The Mighty Afros, who have more than Comdex. As for their show, imagine you have the BADdest surf band in the land, you seriously rock. You meet this guy with a huge pile of AV equipment and old NASA footage but the only thing you have in common is Devo... 3 months later you have Man or Astroman? The place was packed with costumed degenerates of all sorts, local celebs and much fun for all. AND they had a tesla coil! Huge purple arcs of electricity jumping all over.
Speaking of jumping all over, Friday's Dragline show at the Point was excellent, as always. A good Day of the Dead kickoff. The editor needed to be up at a reasonable hour for party preparations and didn't stick around for The Continentals.
The second Day of the Dead started with a massive cleanup effort by the DP staff but didn't have time to compile prefab music for the party. But this turned out to be benneficial as the crowd tastes changed like the moods of a manic depressive. Degenerates from way back showed up early and started the party conversations. Newer degenerates filed in and broke into the extensive bar. Yet more packed in and demanded dance tunes so Frederick took over the CD's and started with the mix of surf, funk, punk and the worst of new wave from the 80's to suit the ecclectic crowd. Being DJ is far too time consuming but occasionally I'd break free for some booty shakin'. The crowd shook from 10 - 2, the longest booty shake at the DP office yet, though not anywhere near the record held by the New Year's fest at the Littleton Art Community and Booty Emporium.) Several degenerates from way back headed out early and newer degenerates showed up continuously to fill the tiny gaps. The floor shook, the walls bulged, the windows rattled and the cops cruised by every half hour but no injuries or problems with the Man reported yet! MANY thanks to all those that attended and made it the best degenerate office party yet! To those what missed it, what were you thinking??

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