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The Consumermass debate rages on! We've gotten tons of response, as expected, and as last year things are about 50/50 pro/anti Consumermass. For Part III we went with this little ditty by degenerate MAC:
We are all aware of the fact that the Chistmas holiday was conveniently moved by wise christian church elders to accomodate the rip-roaring good time of pagan celebrations that had been in place for centuries (if not eons) before the much talked about birth of JC.
These festivals were designed to celebrate the passing of the winter solstice, a truly momentous day of any year in north temperate or sub-arctic latitudes, for this day marks the official point at which the days begin to lengthen. That is to say, that the long, downhill slide to the Halcyon days of summer had begun. These celebrations were testament to the sensibilities of people who were waltzing along to the rhythms of that giant celestial pendulum, which pushes us inexorably through the seasons, and ticks off the time we enjoy here on earth. To truly be in sync with these rhythms, one must occasionally glance into the sky with equal measures of faith that all the heavenly bodies are whizzing along in their orbits in greased grooves, and awe that such a thing ever came to be.
I say that the really good thing about this holiday season is that it gives people the opportunity to get together, on the longest night of the year, and look at each other and say "HELL YES, we're half way to the next summer solstice, let's raise some CAINE". This is a simple way to look at it, and there is a nice economy to this approach as it lacks all the brotherhood, good-will-towards-men, and bitter cynicism factors of previously tendered formulations.
I don't know much about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ or the Red Cross/Salvation Army conglomerate; and I confess a certain nebulous uneasiness about mass consumerism. BUT, of one thing I am absolutely certain, and it is that the moon will be full on Christmas Eve, and that its light will illuminate the revelry of my friends and myself at the Littleton party emporium, and all will be right with the world -- if only for a fleeting moment.

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