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"TV news shows what it's like out there
it makes us scared
you can go out if you want
we wouldn't dare."
Suicidal Tendancies

We at The Degenerate Press have been debating with various degenerates for a long time about the power of virtual reality in our society's future. We argue it will be overpowering and everyone will get sucked in, it'll be just as real as reality, 'cept better, and we'll all end up physically atrophied blobs living our lives out in cyberspace. Many degenerates shiver at the idea and say it'll never happen for one reason or another and that, even if it IS as real as reality, there will always be a fringe element of those who prefer reality. Just to add a little fear to the naysayers out there, I throw another analogy your way. Pre-radio, who would have thought lots of families would be huddled around little wooden boxes squwaking out news and tinny music? People thought movies would be a passing fad. Then they thought movies with sound would be a passing fad. Now the average person watches something like 15 hours of TV a week, the average child much more. The more detailed and personal a medium becomes, the more it seems to attract an audience. Heck, you're sitting in front of your computer right now! After that, you'll probably turn on the TV. It won't be long until they're the same box. Add your computer time and TV time together and you'll quickly figure out that the cyberworld has got you by the cerebral cortex already. Anyone for Domino's? I don't want to leave the house and I can order on-line...

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