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Before all the cat-lovers out there start filling my virtual mailbox with hate, I like cats and own two. However, next time you're cleaning your catbox and cursing the little bastards, think about a lower maintanance method of caring for them....

"I would not advise anybody to make their first attempt at tanning furs on a skin that has any great market value, but one can get small opossums, damaged muskrats and other furs of like value. The common house cat is a good one to experiment with, and I have seen some very nice fur work made from the skins of the common tabby. One man, to whom I am indebted for the most of what I know about tanning, buys up house cats for a few cents each and makes the skins up into sleigh robes. Black cats make a very nice lap-robe and even the colored ones make nice robes if the colors are well matched."
an excerpt from Camp and Trail Methods, by E. Kreps

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