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"Just to stir things up seemed a great reward in itself."

Well, faithful, The Degenerate Press staff has recovered from their weekend thrills and spills at Magnum Opus Con in Charlotte. The convention's gotten smaller but was still a blast. Only at MOC can you see things like:
A muscley male state trooper dressed up as a female Starfleet officer simulating intercourse with a shirt that had been autographed or kissed by everyone at the con.
Strait, but not strait-laced, degenerate John sellling himself as a slave in the auction only to be forced to tell every passing male "Hiya, beautiful" merely for the entertainment value of watching the reactions.
degenerate FN laughing for 15 minutes strait at 8:00 AM about the question to "Guess what I had for breakfast?" when the other degenerates answer sullenly "grrr... a DANISH??"
degenerate SL accidentally saying "I need a spanking" a bit too loud and the dominatrix in the room overhearing so that he has to crawl up on stage and be whipped.
5 white guys dressed up like Native Americans calling themselves "the Bendovahos" and lugging around a bubbling cauldron of "the green stuff."
The MC for all the events hunting down the degenerates and yelling over the booming dance music "You guys are the best hecklers I've ever heard!"
A group of random idiots grunting out the tune of "Frankenstein" every time The DP staff goes by, eventually spawning the response "We've created a monster!"
The next MOC is in Atlanta mid-June. Keep an eye on the Electric Degeneration for more details.

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