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"When you're lying awake witha dismal headache, and
repose is taboo'd by anxiety,
I conceive you may use any language you choose to
indulge in, without impropriety."
W.S. Gilbert

The Degenerate Press staff headed to "the classic city", Athens GA, Friday night for some sampling of the local nightlife. The day started early at Rocky's Pizza for a couple of cheap pitchers of beer and expensive but tasty pizza. From there, we met other Degenerates at Washington St. Tavern for more beer. The gang headed around the corner after a bit to some basement bar with a Germanic name we never could get right. More beer, and some tequila. Back to Washington St. to retrieve other Degenerates, and more beer. On to a blur of random bars, following our tour guide through one bar, out the back door and down a dark alley to another, for Gin and Tonic and peanut shell fights. Brushing off unwanted admirers, our guide led us from there to Oxygen, Athens' dance club, for beer and booty shaking. The moral of the story: Athens is one big machine built to administer as much alcohol as the body and withstand. Cabs to get you there, all the locations packed close together so that you can get to them all, cops to make sure you haven't had so much to drink that you can't get to the next bar, and food service all around to make sure you don't get hungry and go home early.
Moral #2: Athens could use a REAL dance club, if only it had REAL people to dance with.
Moral #3: Don't do beer then tequila then beer then gin then beer then expect to feel OK the next day, or even the next night. Fucking OUCH!
Moral #4: Sorry we missed The Trash Bash, lots o' band for low $$$ but we wanted to see it all in one fell swoop. Other degenerates were supposed to attend - can we get a report??

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