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"From winter, plague and pestilence, good lord, deliver us!"
Thomas Nashe

As the so-called-spring break drew to a close, the Degenerate Press staff was out and about making the best of it, and the worst of it. Thursday night began at Vortex for beer and socialization, then off to Masquerade for Ms. Mary's Old Wave - lots of vanilla folk dancing to the best of the worst of 80's music. Recommended for those who have extremely conservative guests from out of town that you want to impress, just crowded enough and all the music recognizable. A few vodka cranberries, the current DP drink of choice, and it's off to Backstreets for techno noise music and lots of pretty boys, some butch girls and the occasional pretty person in girl's clothing. (For those who tuned in earlier, we're changing "gorgeous coked-up rich bimbo" to "very very pretty, occasionally coked-up, rich, flakey but smart woman" upon further investigation.)
Friday it's time to schmooze with the marketing director of Nexus gallery but her party looks lame (maybe we were too early) so we didn't go in. Instead we headed over to BLT's for some live music. Svengali's opened, clad appropriately in black and gold to rock the mostly-tech-students crowd, and rock they do!! Way hep, despite their lack of email addresses.
The loveable ladies of loudness, Catfight!, took the stage next and kept it at "11" with a couple of new tunes and our fave, "Conquest."
Rockabilly locals Loaded Dice followed, but could not compete. Their sound can't live up to their hair, their talent can't live up to their equipment, and their ego threatened to squash them flat on stage. "Flat" is a good term for 'em. "Raunchy rockabilly" the lead singer claimed. "Raunchy? Really boring." we respond!
Saturday it was off to the Littleton Art Community and Party Emporium for sculpting and beer. The Dahlonega Degenerates insisted on doing the bar circuit of town, all one of them. By 9:30 we were bored and headed off for some gaming.
Sunday was time for a quiet evening in with a a pot roast, margaritas, and a movie.
To recover and clean, we're taking tonight off! Keep out.

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