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"Away from me, all ye that work vanity."
Prayer Book

We're getting the jump on our musical correspondant Greg N. He writes for some other media in town that, due to it's paper-based system, has less than up-to-the-minute reporting, so HERE's the beef:
Thursday was College Night at The High Museum. As before, lots of pretty flesh packed in the latest trendy wear to oggle. Gerard McHugh was cranking out some cool tunes when the Degenerate Press arrived, fashionably late. Sounded like we should have arrived on time but we did catch the last couple of tunes. Electric Degenerate Gregory Nicoll did some highly entertaining spoken word before Electric Degenerates Chief Seattle cranked up. Excellent, as always. (One note - the High is not really built well for live music (or viewing art, but that's another story) so all the music sounded a little muddled but if you stood in just the right spot it was OK.) We rushed through the coffee line before waiting to chat with Paul of Chief Seattle. He's promised to keep us posted on future shows but HASN'T!! Upstairs we caught some of degenerate SOS's spoken word but wired on caffiene, we had the attention span of a weasel on cocaine so we headed for the head. Greg introduced us to a couple of the ladies from Boobytrap, then Electric Degenerates Katy and Jennifer of Catfight! came in for Greg's second set of spoken word but ran off afterward, missing Viva La Diva. They're damn good but our ever-shortening attention span and an average-looking but personality-devoid red head in a cute outfit who kept giving us the eye made us jittery so we made parting mumbles to Greg and headed out.
Friday was the first night our edtor's been stood up in 11 years. That's right, Mr. Noble was 17 the last time some woman copped out on a date. THIS time she didn't even call with an excuse - a first for our editor. Instead, he went to the Star Bar for the Big Sandy & the somebodyerothers show. Way hep 50's wester swing rockabilly tunes. Smooth with an extra O. We missed Dry County, the opening act, but a couple of degenerates, GN and KG, said we shoud catch them. They left before Big Sandy to go catch Southern Culture on the Skids at the Cotton Club, leaving DC and myself to oggle the 50's western retro clad crowd mixed with an unhealthy dose of yupsters. In the basement lounge for a drink, we ran into Ginger from some Athens band who's name escapes me, a very cool young woman and one of the go go dancers from the Trash Bash that GN had babbled about endlessly. A swing by Taco Hell and it's bedtime for bonzo around 2:30. Early for what we'd expected but late for what we're used to.
Saturday, after considerable recovery time and domestic bliss, it was off to someone's birthday party with Sharon and friends. The party had the highest female - male ratio I've ever seen. I think I was one of three or for males in an apartment PACKED full of pretty females. However, they were there for eachother and not us intruding males so the only attention I got was a needling from some random woman that was curious. From there, we moved to the new club in town, Sol on Peachtree. Pretty dead on arrival and the music was the typical redundant bass. Nice lighting, nice bar, already grimy bathrooms and the place is just opened. The crowd was a slightly older mix and not overly trendy. In the bathroom I watched a man pick up a dropped pill from under the urinal and consume it. I don't care HOW good a drug is, I'll not eat ANYthing off a bar bathroom floor, particularly from anywhere near the urinal. Can't be worth it. Some dancing, good conversation, turn around and the place had already emptied out at 3:00! Ah well, I had a busy day ahead of me anyway. At home there was a message on the machine from my missed date, "I'm really sorry, um... long story...." Uh huh. To bed.

A public housing "One strike and your out" law, allowing them to evict those involved in violent or drug-related incidents even if they're not convicted, was passed last week. What country was it where you are "innocent until proven guilty" again? I need to find someone to swear allegiance to.

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