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"Truth is the cry of all, but the game of the few."
Bishop Berkeley

It's been a busy week in every way, between Taxes, getting paperwork together for the Italy exchange program, homework and work we've managed to squeeze in just enough roving reporting for this week's party report:
Thursday night it was off to the High for a private party for MaQuarium, a 3D graphics company that's done some pretty cool work, thanks in part to the editor's date. By arrival time, however, they'd shut down all the museum but the lobby so they lurked about schmoozing with LOTS of computer geeks of the graphic arts variety. From there it was off to the Martini Club, a first for our editor. NOT his fave. Slimy people but a nice place with some cool furnishings but not cool enough to make up for the redundant sameness of the patrons. A place for people who want to pretend they have lots of money and taste but have little of one and none of the other. The Star Bar was emptying out when we arrived but there was enough time for a drink and pleasant conversation before retiring for the night.
Friday it was off to Nexxus Gallery for the opening of the Transformers show. Interesting but we couldn't find anything we actually liked and the editor's date wanted to hunt down some friends so we left to the Martini Club, which was even more crowded with people that seemed to fade into the wallpaper on a Friday night. No luck, and the date has to be home early, so the editor heads home to join David and Cawood Cornelius on their way to Kaya for Funkadelica with Romeo Cologne. They meet friends, shake booty for a couple of hours, and the editor gets hit on by various not-his-types.
Saturday is homework day but not before a cruise through Piedmont for the Dogwood fest. It was dry and windy and all the grass was dead so there was dust blowing over the crafty, not artsy, booths and overpriced food vendors. Didn't bother to find out who was on stage playing the LOUSY music at the time, but did manage to stumble across a group of native South Americans who play traditional Incan and other pre-Colombus music. Very cool, until it started to rain anyway. Not wanting to be killed in the inevitable mudslide, the editor heads home. Later it's off to the High again, this time for Aelita, Queen of Mars, old Soviet silent sci-fi with the most hep live accompaniment money could buy! The instruments were amazing, including a Theremin, a big stainless steel "acoustic sculpture" that had lots of glass rods the musician would wet and rub, some peculiar effects machine and some other wild stuff. The film itself was pretty cool too, particularly the Martian sequences. Unfortunately, the last half of the film had been lost in shipping and was replaced with a poor quality video, but the first half gave you the idea. Highly recommended if you can see it in the theater! From there, it's off to MJQ, the current underground/alternative/trendy club for those with very little money but some taste. Saturday was acid hop techno dance noise, not the editor's favorite, and the crowd was a bit tame, but the place is very cool. Feels like every basement and hole the editor's ever partied in, and within walking distance of the DP office! One drawback - no hard liquor, but it further adds to the feel of a party at a friend's house.
Sunday the weather is irresistible so it's back to the park for a brief visit before getting back to work on homework. Anyone else got any sordid tales of the weekend? I KNOW a few of you had interesting ones - give us a report!
Keeping you informed and hep.

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