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When asked with what he mixed his colors with, John Opie replied, "I mix them wiht my brains, sir."

You want to satisfy all those curious portions of your brain on a lazy afternoon, catch MTV's The Grind Spring Break edition, daily at 5:30. Lots of flesh shaking around. Mute the damned thing because the music sucks and watch the cameraman pander to your prurient interests. Immediately afterward, just to see if you can switch gears this fast, switch over to GPTV and catch Bill Nye Science Guy. Way cool science educational program for all ages, as mentioned in Degeneration Excerpt. Since you're probably spinning, take an hour to eat then turn to Cartoon Network for Cartoon Planet with Space Ghost. Old Hanna Barbara cartoons with the host who's a Ghost, and a surreal one at that. A colorful palette for your brain!

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