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"By this, poor Wat, far off upon a hill,
Stands on his hinder legs with listening ear,
To hearken if his foes pursue him still."
Shakespeare, from Venus and Adonis

To avoid freaking out and staying in all weekend, the Degenerate Press staff headed to Athens Friday night to see some degenerates and catch some live music. We hooked up with degenerate BC, DJ from the Halloween party last year, for pizza followed by beer and pool and the Nowhere Bar. Grimy place with cheap beer, cheap pool, amazing bathroom grafitti and a varitey of white trash of both the rural and college varieties. From there, we headed up the street to Washington St. Tavern for a beer and socializing with random folk. A pretty dull place but Brian's favorite. I headed over to the Manhattan after a bit to meet degenerate GT and friends. An interesting crowd filled the place vaguely reminiscent of BLT's or the Star Bar. Some water, chips and a sip of beer later it was off to Atomic for the live music portion of the program. A cool place that reminded Frederick of his old warehouse apartment on a larger scale, with grimier bathrooms. GT's hero took the stage with his band The Runs. They had rolled most of the bar with toilet paper and proceeded to finish the job while cranking out some hard and healthy tunes. Recommended for future consumption! A short time later, Gaunt took the stage. They had the stage presense of a smear of paint before they started playing but once they cranked up they came to life with a vengence. Not as entertaining as The Runs, but pretty damn good! I wanted to get out of town while he was still awake enough to drive so he said his goodbyes and headed north toward Dahlonega at a good pace.
Just the other side of Jefferson, near 85, I passed a couple of cars headed the other way. Out of the corner of my eye I notice the second car slamming on the brakes. Blue lights start up, "Great, just what I fuckin' need." I top the hill and pass a side street, at the same time noticing the cop car is turning around and losing sight of me as the hill comes between us. Hmmm... Another side street comes into view and I hit the brakes and slide in. I wouldn't have slid except that I didn't notice it was a dirt road! No problem, however, after hours of intensive training in a Subaru, and I pull up. There's a hug pile of dirt blocking the road but enough room to pull in and kill the lights. A few seconds later the cop flies past, lights flashing. Sweating buckets, I wait to see if he's spotted me. Nope. Back on the road, I keep to the speed limit. At 400 an ambulance pulls out in front of me, lights flashing. I follow it for the next 10 miles watching the EMT administer chest compressions the whole way. Exiting trip.
A day of sculpting, followed by a a night of gaming takes up Saturday. Sunday I wind my way through Freaknikkers for half an hour trying to get home from 1/2 mile away, but not as bad as previous years!

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