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"I wanted to keep my day job."
Gregory Peck when asked if he considered running for president after Ronald Reagan was elected.

We went to the Gregory Peck lecture last night. 50-something years in the film biz generates a lot of entertaining stories and the man can tell 'em but to us the most interesting and historically significant was about an interview in Mozambique. He consented to do a press conference during a shoot there and the reporters were "a polyglot of people" (look it up), one of whom asked him something like "Mr. Peck, we understand you're considered a person of liberal political beliefs in your country, you tend to play roles that reflect this, why is it you play in westerns where Native Americans are slaughtered, driven from their lands and such?"
"My guardian angel must have landed on my shoulder then", he said, "because I looked at the man and said 'I won't do it again.' I got back to the states and John Wayne was one of the first people I ran into and I told him this story and he stopped, though for a moment, and said 'Dammit, he's right. I'm not going to kill anymore Indians either!' And, y'know, Wayne had killed more Indians than... we'll, than anybody! So they started making what were later called 'revisionist westerns.'"

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