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"People call me names
when I wear my brassiere
This always makes me mad
so I scream in their ear
How would you like to go home
and tell your girlfriend
you just got the shit beat outta you by a queer!"
Deacon Lunchbox

Here's degenerate GN's finishing touches on the Bubbapalooza weekend:

Monday's lineup was quite good, but almost nobody was in the place to see it. Even Slim and Greg's mom & widow were absent. Like the final days of Woodstock, at which hardly anyone remained to see Hendrix's now-legendary "Star Spangled Banner," only a handful witnessed the Horney Toads' rippin' Ramones-style runs through Patsy Cline and Wanda Jackson covers, with the voluptuous Molly (ex-Dollsquad) on vocals. That didn't diminish its impressiveness, though. Here's hoping that they'll play another show there on a weekend sometime. The funniest moment was when the bassist, Jay "Sir Julian" (of the Lizardmen) announced from the stage that the Lizardmen's Mike Meyers (who had refused to participate in this country-fried side project) was a total wuss. Molly quickly added that she wasn't gonna diss Mike, because, "If he'd a-been up here, =I= wouldn't have."
It was fun -- and ended at a very reasonable 12:30 ayem.

Thanks for the much needed finale! The DP will be there next year fer sure!!

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