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Countdown: 4

Having been a pedestrian for the last two weeks, I've done a lot of walking through the park on the way to my various destinations. Every time I see some pathetic little Chihuahua/rat-like poodlesque dog-like creature I am moved to irritation bordering on anger. Why? No, not just because these things are ugly, or because they have that annoying little yappy bark, or even because they're so small you could punt them across the park should they overcome their natural fears of a creature 15 times their mass, but because that little useless shitter used to be a wolf. That's right, a wolf. Did you know ALL domestic dogs are descendants of wolves? All of 'em. Man took the wolf and turned it into a tool, which isn't surprising or even terribly annoying. But now man has taken the wolf and turned it into a living leisure suit. Random breeds come in and out of fashion like skirt lengths and they're often bred into health problems that cause them irritation, or even pain, for life. Chihuahuas have been inbred into genetic insanity! These poor creatures are an obscenity and a representation of what man will do to nature given the chance. Where can I get a dog-hunting license in this town? Or better yet, a poodle-owners-hunting license??

"dog 1. a domesticated animal related to the fox, wolf, and jackal 2. a mean, contemptible fellow 3. a mechanical device for holding or grappling 4. an unsatisfactory person or thing"
Webster's New World Dictionary

6 has generated a call to arms:
"I don't want to entertain the thought of a "Holy War" in the U.S. We have enough holy wars in the rest of the world. Some of them running for Thousands of years. What is the point? Of course, if one applied simple logic (?) (Is logical war an oxymoron?) to it: To die in a war fighting for your God/god/gods must be a first-class ticket to "heaven". Maybe a good holy war would shake things up......."
degenerate CM

5 generated lots of thoughtful and insightful commentary, exactly the kind of stuff we're avoiding during the last handful of days of Degeneration. On the other hand, responses to #10 continue to pour in:
"I can not speak for all men, but if I hug someone and squeeze their
butt, it's not some part of an insidious male domination conspiracy, or because I think of them as a sexual object, it's because they have a
nice butt. Thanks for working out. Kill your TV. Register to Vote.
The futon is still for sale."
Degenerate SC

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