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At Magnum Opus Con this weekend there was a couple making out in the corner in a blatant exhibition. A few people lurked about, watching openly, but most just kept the party going around them. I watched for a few minutes but it got dull fast.
Various singles around the room were trying desparately to become unsingles. Alcohol flowed, music boomed, the ususal party atmosphere. There was one particularly boistrous woman flirting about but she was not my type so I wandered on to another party. Later, I returned to see the boistrous woman and the couple all making out in the corner. That had drawn a few more curious glances and blatant voyeurs. Again I watched, this time for a while longer as things were getting heated between the three. However, things wouldn't get too hot and heavy in this public place and soon I got bored again and wandered off. I came back just in time to see the couple leaving and the boistrous woman returning from the bar, "Where'd they go? Dammit, I gave those two an orgasm and they didn't even invite me to their room? Oh well."
I found the whole scene humorous and wonderful. Were it not for disease and entrenched social restrictions, I'd like to see everyone so free with their affection.

"play 1. to move lightly, rapidly, etc. {sunlight plays on the water} 2. to engage in recreation 3. to take part in agame or sport 4. to trifle..."
Webster's New World Dictionary

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