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Time is short here at the Degenerate Press office. Between laundry and packing and cleaning and making heartfelt goodbyes, I'm trying my damndest to crank these last two episodes out.
I spent all weekend at what used to be my favorite convention, MOC. It's changed, gotten smaller and more toned-down since we couldn't fill the entire hotel. Therefore, there were many non-convention folk wandering about, wide eyed. They stared at the people in costume, the people in costume stared back. Nervous glances and chuckles from both sides echoed around the lobby as someone would grab a friend and point. The only people who didn't notice were the small children. They run around the pool unaware of the freaks in their best yuppie attire, or the other types attempting to express themselves with their attire. I got an occasional aggressive question from a passerby, "Is it Halloween??"
"Why, are you scared?"
A few brave souls amongst us walked up to Peachtree Center for food, which would get the most widespread reactions. I am constantly irritated by the inability of a large portion of the populace to accept those with a different haircut, a weird hat, a pierced lip, or any other sign of nonconformity. However, I think things are improving. With widespread media and communications, everyone is becoming exposed to a greater variety of ideas, beliefs, values, and cultures. Some will turn away in fear, but those small kids running around the pool may be a little more tolerant as they grow up having been exposed at such a young age. Be careful, parents! Even taking your kids inside the house, away from the passing freaks, won't help if you then sit them in front of the TV or computer...

"corrupt 1. evil; depraved; debased 2. taking bribes; dishonest - to make or become corrupt"
Webster's New World Dictionary

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