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Liftoff, we have a liftoff!!

"I came to say
I cannot stay,
I must be going."
Groucho Marx

Well, kiddies, this is it, The Last Blast-phemy. Are you ready? Sitting on the edge of your seat, gripping the arms of your chair, nibbling your nails and dripping cold sweat?? Nah, me neither.
Anybody else get the feeling that the end is nigh? I know a few of you do. As the world becomes more crowded, resources become more scarce. Man is determined to shape the environment for his short-term needs. Old cultures are sucked into the capitalism of the new age. The aristocratic, intellectual and upper class have fewer and fewer children while 3rd world countries, the lower class and the undereducated reproduce like vermin. Yet the lower class is teased by the media into desiring the same material goods as the upper class.

"5 to 1, baby.
1 in 5.
No one here gets out alive."
Jim Morrison

On the other hand, nobody gets out of life alive. We're mortal, though we often deny it. Party hard, kids, while you still can! Electric Degeneration is dead, long live the Degenerate Press!

"final 1. of or coming at the end; last 2. deciding; conclusive"
Webster's New World Dictionary

My address there will be:
Frederick Noble
c/o University of Georgia
52044 Cortona (AR), Italy

Don't send me anything past August 1st because it won't arrive in time, according to the folks in charge of the program. If I don't come back, readers of Degeneration Excerpt know what to do with the DP assets (the June episode was broadcast last Friday so check yer mail.)
I have doubts about the possibility of getting email in Italy, however, once in Amsterdam and Paris there are internet cafes so I'll send reports back from there, August 24 - 30ish. See you in September!
Degenerate X

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