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"Tune in, turn on, drop out."
Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary's dead and all the world is outside looking in, as you've probably heard. When someone ceases to be you tend to hear a lot about their life. My favorite tale of Tim was when they arrested him for posession of some random controlled substance and gave him the usual make-an-example-of-the-celebrity extreme sentence. They gave him the Leary Psychological Profile test to determine what type of facility in which to put him, not realizing he was the creator of the test during his days at Harvard. Tim filled out the test to make it appear that he was easy to lead, looked up to authority figures, unmotivated, etc. etc. so they put him in a minimal security prison. He promptly threw a rope over the wall and escaped. He spent his life escaping from the constraints placed on him by society and I'd like to think he's achieved yet another state of freedom.

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