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"We shall not try to describe for the reader that tetrahedron nose, that horseshoe mouth, that small left eye obscured by red bushy eyebrows; the right eye which disappeared completely under an enormous wart; those jagged teeth, with gaps here and there, like the battlements of a fortress; that horny lip, over which one of those teeth protruded like the tusk of an elephant; that forked chin, and, above all, the expression on the whole face a mixture of malice, astonishment, and sadness. Let the reader, if he can, imagine the whole of it."
Victor Hugo, from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Disney has slaughtered another piece of great literature. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is the latest victim of Disnification and I'd appreciate you all avoiding this film like you'd have avoided the original hunchback should you have encountered him hobbling down the sidewalk toward you. Can't wait to hear what they've done to make THIS one a happy ending! For the unread, the original hunchback watches the mob execute the deaf gypsy girl he's in love with, as well as the local priest. They find his skeleton hugging the bones of the gypsy girl years later and when trying to separate the two his bones crumble into dust.
On the other end of the spectrum, Cartoon Network has finally produced some new episodes of Cartoon Planet with thrilling new music! "Mashed Potatoes" is the new fave, though it does not compete with "Don't Touch Me."

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