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OK, kids, I've given it as much thought as this flippant publication deserves and here's the new and you-tell-me-if-it's-improved version of Electric Degeneration:
1/week, usually on Monday/Sunday night.
Random editorials, as always, though I HOPE not always by yours truly. There's only so much I can say... I'd like more contributions if you slack vermin can spare your time and thoughts. You want your 15 secons of fame? Send us some mail!
Event listings for everything I want to do. If there's something YOU want to do and you thing others would be interested, LET US KNOW. I know there are several musicians out there, activists and the like. If you want degenerate participation all you have to do is SEND US MAIL.
The full report on Europe is in process, probably for next week's episode. Degeneration Excerpt is in process as well and if any subscribers want to post and article get it to us SOON, like by Wednesday afternoon.

1) Anyone have any good ideas for a birthday party/road trip for Saturday October 19? I'm sick of the Cheesefest.

2) We had a MARVELOUS Halloween party last year, one of the best parties ever despite it's short duration. I'm considering doing it again but I'd like to know, before I spend the time and money on organizational efforts, if there's any interest out there. PLEASE let me know ASAP. Tenatively planned for Friday November 1 or Saturday the 2nd, depending on feedback.

3) The DP is ALWAYS open to suggestions for this, or our other productions. If there's something annoying or missing LET US KNOW. I'm tired of the lack of feedback on this mess and would love some help/filler for upcoming episodes.

Thanks for all the "welcome home" messages and I apologize for the lack of response. The jetlad is wearing off and reality setting in fast (ick) but I'm getting my friendly mood back slowly. Meanwhile, here's this week's episode:

"History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake."
James Joyce

For those of you tired of the retro craze and have been watching it creep through past decades, 50's, 60', and lately the 70's, BEWARE - Parachute pants are back in all the stores in Europe! That's right, the 80's retro craze is emminent. Bon Jovi, hair spray, BWM, Tom Cruise... wait, what decade IS this?

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