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Here's a report from the Degenerate Press' all-time favorite go-go dancer Ginger Snap of Mud Flap Tammy!

There was a mass exodus of Athens to Sleazefest weekend at Chapel Hill. This was possibly the most fun weekend of my entire life. Sleazefest is a garage band/b-movie/beer/and Barbeque festival that happens every year in Chapel Hill, NC. This was my first Sleazefest experience. 20 bands were booked for the 3 nights and 4 lounge acts for the "Sleaze Lounge" next door to the Local 506. The headlining band for the 1st night was the clown-punk-circus band Big Top, which I am a part of. If you haven't seen Big Top, you should make it your mission to catch it next time we do a show nearby. We have great costumes, fire jugglers, a 6'5" girl fire breather, contortionist twins joined us for this show....they're the German Golden Power Twins. We've got cotton candy, pop corn and corn dogs, a trapeze girl, lots of go-go dancers, a guy in an organ grinder's chimp suit. I'm one of the Romeo Squad go-go girls who wears a roller derby-space girl suit and brings out the monkey boy. Big Top is the greatest. The band completely kicks ass and Rev. Uncle Laffo, who looks
like a 6 and a 1/2 foot John Wayne Gacy is amazing. He can stick a5 inch nail into both nostrils and sing. You might recognize Laffo from the Labrea Stompers, that he sang for. At the end of the show, 2 of us come out in harlequin clown lingerie and then commence the pie fight. I would describe the rest of the bands that played that night, but they paled in comparison and anyway, you can read about them on the Sleazefest page at
And now for the next night of Sleazefest:
Southern Culture on the Skids headlined this night and the Quadrajets, Hate Bombs and Woggles played too. This was the night of the go-go contest that I had a plot to win. The prize was 50 bucks which I needed to pay for my shitty hotel room. So during the Woggles set was the contest and each girl or guy would get up in the cage and go. So I figured that the crowd was drunk enough that they really wouldn't give much of a rat's ass who could dance the best--they'd cheer for the most skin. So I made a g-string out of the bumper stickers I designed for Sleazefest and put 2 big top stickers over my nipples and won the contest. Steve Gersztoff and I were crowned King and Queen of Sleazefest and we got to dance during Southern Culture on the Skids. Did I mention that Flat Duo Jets played that night too? There were so many great bands, forgive me if I forget to mention a few.So during the Scots show, there was flying watermelon, silly string, blow-up dolls flying into the crowd, several men dressed as Santo--the mexican super wrestler, strippers, fried chicken, and Mary Huff's mom (bassist for SCOTS) They're show was most definately the best show I've ever seen.
In the sleaze lounge, Renelvis--the Philipeno Elvis impersonator performed, Redneck Greece, the Golden Power Twins, and an amazing performance art duo called Donkey Balls performed too. So check out the sleazefest website--with backstage photos--and enjoy.

Thanks bunches, Ginger! Hope the rest of you enjoyed that as much as the staff. As always, we're looking for submissions from the rest of you slackers. Complain, report, advertise, fluff and filler, we don't discriminate!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, "Where's the report from Europe?" I'm WORKIN' on it!! Geez, write yer own damn zine!

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