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DEJA VU, all over again
The offices of Degenerate Press were burgled yet again. That's right, 3 times in a year, twice in the last two months. Since this has become such a frequent occurrence there's less and less to steal so they only got the few items we've replaced - VCR, again, the bicycle, again, all my laundry change, again - though significantly less as it didn't have time to get back to a reasonable amount, and a coin collection left to me by my late godmother.
But wait! Don't answer yet, there's more! Degenerate RVI recently rented a storage space for some of his art works as he'd been evicted from his studio space. Just before moving his stuff there, the storage space was broken into - nothing TO steal yet but it reminded me of the Greg storage theft gang as they'd broken into every unit in the place.
So, after some more infrastructural adjustments in an attempt to prevent another reoccurrence, we've now added a new theme to the October 24th Art show - it is now also a benefit for the Beleaguered Artists League - a new organization that supports artist in times of serious hardship, such as degenerate FN and RVI. So make an effort to get to the show, 8:00 PM, Friday the 24 at the DP office. If you need an invite & map (very humorous invites this time around) email us your snail mail address.

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