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Tried to catch Gravy over Steamboat at the High Saturday - arrived early, found a parking spot, waited for the ticket counter to open, got the tickets and waited and waited for the theater to open, rushed ahead of the crowd to get a prime seat then waited way past the scheduled 7 PM opening time only to find that the film we were going to see was NOT the Buster Keaton film advertised in the Loafing but that the Loafing had fucked up two weeks in a row and listed it on Saturday instead of the actual Friday. A line formed at the ticket counter for those like us wishing refunds.
Tried to grab a bit to eat at Zocalo, one of my faves, only to find they've changed their menu and doubled their prices. After further misadventures we ended up suckin' beers and beating up the Point's pinball machine for an hour awaiting the Ramblers and Kingsized show.
The Ramblers are now a five piece and every member works together like gears in a well-oiled machine, cranking out the best swing, rockablilly and the like. Fabulous. They started off with a few new ones, to us anyway, and kept on strong though the encore. Yeah, encore - an opening act with an encore! They're just that good.
We were wishing the Braves had won the series as the joint packed with suburbanites. I'd wanted to see something new this weekend but looking over the list of shows for Saturday there was naught listed that caught our eyes, nor did we trust the listings by that time anyway, but Kingsized quickly had our attention and our mind off the crowd, with a few new tunes and their usual stunning renditions of the same old set.

This is the last episode of your editor's 20-something years. Tuesday the staff and others will be at Dottie's for the final day of 29, then head to the Star Bar for a midnight toast/curse for day 1 of the third decade of my trips around the sun. Anyone that's been paying attention knows 29 has NOT been my favorite year. Of course, I had to make up for what a spectacular year 28 was but I think I've done that and THEN some so I'm just happy to say it's over and ramble on. For those what can't get out on a school night we're having an art show at the office this Friday, 8 PM. Free beer and food, cheap art and stuff. Invites went out last Friday for those that got us their snail address. Directions will appear in Wednesday's episode for those that procrastinate.
Then there's the Halloween / Birthday Bash. Contact degenerate AA or VP for details. If you can't make one or the other or both you just suck.

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