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"Don't want security
Don't want responsibility
Don't wanna stay at home not makin' any noise
I always wanna be out, always gotta have the choice
Youth youth youth
I don't want no uniform
And I don't want no book of rules
'Cause that's youth."
Generation X, from "Youth, Youth, Youth"

I'd like to do a mass "Thank You" to all the well-wishers and attendees of last night's festivities, as well as a mass curse to those what missed it. The question I keep getting is "Do you feel older?" Well, yes, at the moment. What with all the free drinks being handed to me I now feel much older than 30 the day after. Most hungover birthday of my life. It doesn't seem like that many years ago that I could take a night like that and still hop up for work the next day but maybe what they say, "It ain't the years, it's the mileage!" is true 'cause I'm feelin' like an AMC Gremlin with a cracked distributor cap right about now. Didn't get the chance to update the Prophesy

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