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Hit the Point on Thursday to hook up with fellow degenerates and catch some music. I arrived about halfway through the opening act Smithwick Machine from Alabama somewhere. Degenerate Ginger had caught the set from the beginning and turns to me and asks, "Is this not the worst band you've ever seen?" I watch them for the rest of the set and answer, "No, it's not the WORST..." Bumped into Henry of Dragline and he raved about 'em so opinions are as mixed as the band itself - a weird combo of 80's heavy metal sound with a Marylin Manson lookalike playing guitar, a Peter Wolf lookalike singing, and a guy that looks like he might have been playing this type of music since it was popular playing bass. Henry said the drummer was from Los Huertos and had only had one practice before the gig. I gotta hand it to him, he played like he'd been with them since the beginning, but that didn't save it.
Gam, from Savannah, followed after a lengthy interlude to set up all their special effects. It has been a year since we've seen them and they've improved. The lead singer goes utterly mad on stage and the whole thing is like something between Iggy Pop, Jim Morrison, Styx and, for the few degenerates that can remember the band, Something. Entertaining performance, and pretty damn good songs too. Didn't have the $10 for their CD but I'm hoping it'll show up at Wax N Facts when I've got the cash.
Friday we hit Dottie's just in time for the Pushups last two numbers. Spirited punk with the lovely and talented Jeana yelling out the tunes.
The Plastics went deeper into the punk, not letting a broken string, forgotten lyrics, or hurled beer to stop them. They only quit when one guitarist charged another, knocking them both into the crowd, flipping backwards over a couple of fans and ending in a heap of guitars, guitarists, fans, spilled beer, a mic stand and a mess of cables. But when they were standing, they were playing hard.
The Mouthbreathers have picked up every man's, and many women's, fantasy Jennifer of Catfight! on bass. Despite her never having practiced the tune, they attacked my personal favorite "I Wanna Be Tommy Lee" with the usual gusto. I wish someone would mix these guys so that you could hear the hilarious lyrics to their songs but, as usual, it was heavy on the guitar, light on the legible singing. Damn fun show regardless. section today, check yer local listings!

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