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"A spanking! A spanking!"
from Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail

Degenerate RVI sent in this response from last episode's Pope-bashing:
"Biology is descriptive, not prescriptive. It cannot tell us how we should act, only that some of our acts are motivated by physico-chemical/genetically inherited causes. It can only discuss certain limited aspects of our being; in other words, biology cannot interpret itself, situate itself in the human context, and certainly isn't a replacement for ethics. If you are going to argue with the Catholic position on homosexuality (which is certainly arguable), you'll have to do it from an ethical, not a scientific, standpoint. The human person outstrips the capacities and competence of any and all science to reduce him to mere measurable quantities and material 'laws.'"

On a vaguely related note, the NY Times reported a while back on a survey showing that condom availability in public schools hadn't increased the number of sex acts. Well duh - I was getting all I could in high school (which is to say "none.") They're gonna DO IT (when they can), just try to get them to do it as safely as possible.

The new MJQ has opened and we at degenerate press strongly encourage all you electronicatechnohouse fetishists to go there, particularly on Tuesdays so maybe Dottie's will cease it's efforts in that direction and return to actual music. In a related note, Smith's Olde Bar has some kinda disco thang this Tuesday so all you yup yup yuppie bastards go there instead of the Star Bar and maybe we funk fetishists can actually get out on the floor of our favorite joint.
That is all.

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