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It's that time again, faithful, the annual Degenerate the Hell-a-day season. Some of our veteran readers may recall last year's abuse St. Nic took from degenerate RVI, followed up by his defense by degenerate DC. Well, this year our editor degenerate X is turning the lense on the catchphrase of the season - "Don't forget the TRUE meaning of the hollidays." or from the less PC sources, "Don't forget the TRUE meaning of Christmas."
Well, that's interesting - just what IS the true meaning? Before the Romans, the meaning of the season is "shit, we're freezing our asses off but at least the earth's rotation is tilting back the other way now and spring is on the way." with some random spiritual force held as the reason for the season. Then the Romans came along and took it over, called it the celebration of the births of Roman emperors - complete with pine boughs and cherubs and all the stuff the Christians would later use for the celebration of Christ, an event that was once celebrated in the spring.
Now a new religion has taken over the season - capitalism. It's more instilled in our belief system than any old Savior, Emperor, or pre-historical nature spirit.
So don't forget the reason for the season -SPEND.
I await your gifts.

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