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"From this it is clear how much the pen is worse than the sword."
Robert Burton, from Democritus to the Reader

After a couple of years of broadcasting this zine and about a year of the Ear Plugs web page we got our first non-hate mail regarding Jeff Clark! Of course, most of it was from bands that have received a good review from Mr. Clark. In fact, the best was from, of course, Catfight! about how the piece was a wonderful bit of high literature, but we immediately deleted that. Some others:

>jeff clark is about the ONLY real honest to gawd voice of true opinion in this town

>he can say whatever he wants to say - and I admire him for that

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Degenerate Press' reporters headed to the Point on Friday just in time to catch the Four Roses walk off stage. Everyone gave a rave review of 'em. Dragline followed, "We were on tonight. Last night we were kinda off." said John Dunn after the best show I've seen them put on. They threw in a cnew one that was coincidental to the aformentioned Jeff Clark debate, at least I hope, entitled "Beer Swillin' Rock Critic." Of course, the song could apply to any leather-clad beer swillin' critic in the front row...
The Ramblers are always "on" and the joint was hopping to their swingin' tunes. Smiles from stage to the door.
Truckadelic started up about 2 AM and twanged through a very sloppy set, which was perfect since everyone was feeling sloppy by that point so the honky tonka Truck-adelic rolled over the crowd and caused many to hop and holler, particularly during their too-true-to-the-original Freebird. By 3 AM I had to be travelin' on, yeah, but it was ear to ear grins all the way home.

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