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Saw an interesting show Saturday at the Point. I showed up looking for folks to hang with and perhaps to see the Blacktop Rockets and ran into Bunny of Man's Ruin. In came Ginger of Mud Flap Tammy, shortly followed by Jennifer and Ann of Catfight. As if that weren't enough, Anka, formerly of The Ramblers, rambles in and makes the Degenerate Press editor into a blithering idiot. Caroline, the one stable element of The Ramblers, mentions their new stand-up bass player. More beautiful unattainable musician types continued to pack the joint, there to see Gam, an odd artsy metal act. Two alien seed pods loomed in the background while the lead singer worked a smoke machine and played with lots of lights. The music itself was loud and pretty good but the show taken as a whole was definitely fun, high energy. At one point an Elvis impersonator lept on stage and held a mock battle for the microphone, winning and belting out a loud version of "Caught in a Trap." They battled for the mike again and the show went on, continuing on the same strange course.
So to hit the other end of the rock spectrum, the pure minimalism of Blacktop Rockets followed but the engergy level was only stepped up a notch. Then another notch. Then another, until everybody in the joint had at least a toe tapping. Lots of swing kids hopping around and lots of artsy types still lurking around after Gam, obviously too impressed to leave.

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