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I was watching some squirrels play in the 13 degree weather Friday and asked them "Why the hell aren't you HIBERNATING?? I would if I could!" They didn't answer, of course, because the answer is obvious. Hibernation would be too easy - I can hear myself saying "Geez it's cold, think I'll hibernate. Gee this quarter is dull, think I'll hibernate. Wake me when the next party starts. Wake me when I win the lottery. Wake me when the new TV season starts..." Instead, the squirrels just flicked their tails in my general direction and scampered off.
O-fficial invites for the Degenerated Heart party will likely come into existance this week, to be mailed February 1 or so. Degeneration Excerpt will be sent out at the same time so if you want your 15 seconds of fame you'd better send your editorial in (along with your subscription money if you ain't subscribing, slacker! We have a super secret surprise in the next episode so get your act together!!

Saw a TERRIBLE band Friday at the Point - Madfly, or Whatever Happened To The 80's Bon Jovi Movement? Yawn. Yeah, they won the Grammy Showcase award and they were about as polished as a treasured trophy - a cheap plastic imitation of a band mounted to a wooden platform with a little brass plate at the bottom.
We'd tried to get into the Sean Costello show at Northside but by the time we got there the joint was packed as tight as a Georgia Sate University elevator. "We're a little crowded tonight." giggled the doorman, sarcastically. Some degenerates had gotten there early enough to squeeze in, however, and said the show was good. Someone from Entertainment Tonight was reporting. It's been so long since WE covered this story I can't even find it in the old email.
Saturday's social obligations prevented the DP coverage of the last Kelly Hogan Band show at the Point. Ended up heading to the new club on Amsterdam "March." Unfortunately for the strait members of the entourage, Saturday is gay night. Tons of pretty boys without shirts flexing their bods and flirting, along with a few cute lipstick lesbians out on the scene.
Sunday we headed to Wax N Facts for the usual used CD dredging and ran into Greg from the Loafing. He's digging in the 7" vinyl bins like a man repossessed. "The Estrus warehouse burned - all the masters for bands like The Woggles, Man Or Astroman?, Satan's Pilgrims..." the list goes on and on. The CD's could be easily remastered but the vinyl is unlikely to reissue again. Collectors of such tunes should hit the record stores NOW, as this news is bound to spread like melting wax... Unfortunately, Wax N Facts was already out of Woggles on 12", though the 7" pile of Greg's was substantial.

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