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"It's overwhelming."
Degenerate SL

The 10th annual Degenerate Press New Years Extravaganza lived up to it's reputation, and then some. The retro rocking, the silly surf, the furious funk, enough explosives to take over a mid-east country, and the usual ecclectic mix of rednecks, hippies, deGeneration Xers, slackers and professionals. It started early and ended late and didn't slow down for an instant and when the hangover goes away the memory will remain, fuzzily.

"Woke up this morning with a bootprint on my tee-shirt, and no hangover. I declare this New Year's Party a sucess."
Degenerate SC

By noon the early risers had risen and cleaned up all but the most minute debris (THANK YOU!) of which there was PLENTY. By 2 the second shift of living dead arose and wandered about trying to figure out who they were in the past life.

Degenerate HG, 2 PM Wednesday

Around 4 the last shift woke up and stumbled into their cars and left the joint a little worse for wear but thanks to a few infrastructural adjustments beforehand the place is still standing. As always, I'd like to thank those that attend and save the best party of the year for the last (and first) party of the year.

"This is the best party yet!"
several degenerates

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