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Why do people use the term "screwed up" or "fucked up" when they've made some sort of error or are on a less-than-desirabe plane of existance? It seems to me that everyone WANTS sex but don't want these mistakes they've made when they "fucked up." It seems to me a more appropriate term would be "virgined up." But maybe I'm just virgined up myself here...
NOW how much would you pay?
Well, don't answer yet because there's MORE!
That's right, we've added SWEETHEART to the Degenerated Heart party! Apparently there's a lot of folk out there with degenerated love lives and are brave enough, or foolish enough, to head into the heartland of America - Cabbagetown! The Cornelius Cabbagetown Crib, February 14, V-day. We've had gobs of interest and clamor for invites.
Invites and the February episode of Degeneration Excerpt are in process. We need articles SOON.

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